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This unique Shopify App will help you create all of the features below without coding, in a matter of moments.

Everything you see on this site was built using the Shortcodes App.

The Beautiful Things You Can Create With This App


Easily create buttons like these below. 

Square button →
Rounded-edged button →
Fatter button - square →
Fatter button - round →


The below is an example of the beautiful open/close sections you can create using the Shortcodes App. Great for FAQs, Product Pages, and anything with lots of information.

How much are your shipping costs?

We charge $20 for local shipping, and $30 for international.

Is your website secure?

Yes - we use 128 Bit SSL Encryption - that's fancy speak for "High security". Our website is hosted on Shopify, which helps to manage over 90,000 businesses. You're in safe hands.

Can I add as many questions as I want, using your sections?

Yes, you can. You can just copy and paste these sections to create as many as you need. Go ahead!

Notes - Highlighted sections of text

This is an example of a 'note' - some highlighted text.


Tabs are great for presenting information in an organised way, and helping customers get to the checkout faster. You'll see all the big names in Ecommerce using them. Now you can too.

[tabs text_color="#ffffff" active_tab_color="#2c812c" other_tab_color="#8bb43f"] [tab title="Description"] These sunglasses come with a study frame to make your face feel happier than ever. Their SPF protection will keep your eyes healthy, and their stylish finish will be the envy of your friends.
We ship with a two-year warranty. . [/tab] [tab title="Shipping"] We ship free to any and all destinations throughout the universe. Yep, even to Timbuktoo. [/tab] [tab title="Size Chart"]

[/tab] [/tabs]
See an example of VERTICAL tabs here →


You can create Lightboxes -- an overlay that goes over the top of your page -- examples below.

Need to know your size? Refer to the chart below.

Belt Size Chart
Waist Size Inches 28-30 32-34 36-38 39-42
Waist Size Centimetres 71-76 81-86 91-96 99-106

Tooltips (hints)

Put your mouse over this link to see an example tooltip: We ship with a two-year warranty.


Below are examples of 'boxes' - neatly formatted sections that allow you to organise your content better so customers understand it faster.

Example: Services

[box_title background_color="#2c812c" color="#ffffff"]Web Development[/box_title] [box_content background_color="#ffffff" color="#000000"]We provide the best web development services in the universe. Learn More → [/box_content]
[box_title background_color="#2c812c" color="#ffffff"]Graphic Design[/box_title] [box_content background_color="#ffffff" color="#000000"]Our graphic design services are stellar, too. Learn More → [/box_content]
[box_title background_color="#2c812c" color="#ffffff"]Copywriting[/box_title] [box_content background_color="#ffffff" color="#000000"]Oh yeah - and we write the best copy on the planet. Learn More → [/box_content]

Example: Large Box

[box_title background_color="#FF9A00" color="#ffffff"]The Title Of Your Wide Box Goes Here[/box_title] [box_content background_color="#ffffff" color="#000000"]This is an example of a wide box, with content spanning across the page all the way to the edges and perhaps onto a new line as well.[/box_content]

You get ALL of this when you install the App. No funny business, no 'add-ons' - just all these great features.
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