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The below is an example of the beautiful open/close sections you can create using the Shortcodes App. Great for FAQs, Product Pages, and anything with lots of information.  Below, you'll find FAQs about the app.

Can I see a demo of the things I can create with this App? (CLICK TO OPEN)

 Sure can - you're looking at it!  On this demo store, everything you see was made using the App.  

How do I set up the app and start creating stuff?

See our comprehensive guides (including written and video) over here >.  

How technical do I need to be to use this app?

You don't need to be technical.  We've taken the hard work out of that. All you need to do is click a few buttons and do some glorified copy and pasting.  

If you want to get *really* detailed (like creating light boxes that open with videos inside a tab that sits inside a section, and other assorted meekness!) then you'd need to understand *a little bit* about the code, but we can help you with that.

In short - this app is for store owners who want to spend their time managing their business, not coding. You don't need to be technical - but you do need to be willing to do some copy and pasting.  We think it'll be worth your while!

Can I have the LightBox open automatically every time the page loads?

Not at this point, no.  Our Lightboxes are built to activate on-click (in other words:  you can't make it open when the page loads up - someone has to click it).  Why?  There's already an app for that, and we didn't want to re-invent the wheel.  If you need it to open on load, check out the terribly-named but fairly easy to use Modify Promotional Lightbox.

Can I add my own styles?

Yes, if you are familiar with Custom Style Sheets (CSS), you can add your own styles. When you create your shortcode, you'll see a text box for "Custom CSS". You can add your own CSS into that box, and when you hit "Generate Code", the custom styles will be added for you. [IMAGE]

Can I submit a feature suggestion?

Yes - we'd love to hear if there's a feature you'd like. We're always working to improve the app and will be adding new features over time. Please let us know your feedback by clicking here > Submit feedback about the Shortcodes App.

My question isn't answered here.. what should I do?

We have a detailed guide (including videos) on getting started, over on our Support page. If you're still stuck, no worries - please email and we'll be happy to help. Please include your store URL and, if it's password protected, password too, so we can help.

Does this app work with the Bilingual Shopify Theme?

Yes, it does. You can create shortcodes and wrap them in the normal language tags. You'll need to create two versions of the shortcode - one for each language (just like you'd do with your normal translated content).

Need help?

Setup and how to use →

If you've tried the support portal and FAQs and are still stuck, you can email us at